AFP, DND told to refrain from using AI image generator app

by Kiko Cueto

DEFENSE Secretary Gilbert Teodoro Jr. had asked personnel from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Department of National Defense to refrain from using AI photo generator apps, which he said poses significant security risks. 

Teodoro made the order in his memorandum order dated October 14.

Personnel explained that such apps can pose privacy and security risks.

“The online trending digital application that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), which requires its users to submit at least ten (10) photos of themselves to generate an enhanced portrait, poses significant privacy and security risks. This application compiles its users’ data and creates a digital person that mimics how a real individual speaks and moves,” Teodoro said in the memo.

Courtesy: DND/Facebook

“This seemingly harmless and amusing Al-powered application can be maliciously used to create fake profiles that can lead to identity theft, social engineering, phishing attacks, and other malicious activities,” he added.

Teodoro said such a case had already been tallied.

He then reminded the DND and AFP personnel to make sure that their actions “are aligned to the department’s values and are in adherence to existing policies.”

“All DND and AFP personnel are directed to refrain from using Al photo generator applications, and practice vigilance in sharing information online,” he said.

According to DND spokesperson Arsenio Andolong, the memo was sent to DND and AFP personnel.



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