PNP chief heeds Abalos call to quit

by Jericho Zafra

AFTER heeding to the call of Local Government Secretary Benhur Abalos, General Rodolfo Azurin, chief of the Philippine National Police, tendered his courtesy resignation Thursday.

After it was revealed that high-ranking personnel in the police force are involved in the illegal drug trade, Abalos issued a call for colonels and generals of the PNP to tender their courtesy resignations.

According to Abalos, this action was necessary in order to clear out the ranks. 

“I am taking the lead to submit myself to such evaluation, assessment, and scrutiny by the committee. We, in the uniformed service, are trained and prepared and are expected to prioritize public service over personal interests,” said Azurin in a press briefing.

Azurin has voiced his support for the call by the interior department, calling it an opportunity for the PNP to “clear the names” of third-level officers who have been wrongly accused and purge the police force.

“I support and uphold the guidance of our beloved President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. to every policeman to keep our integrity untainted and to do our best to uphold the moral ascendancy of the PNP and to ensure the continuity of public rapport,” he said.

He said he expected the “majority [of the police officers involved], if not all, would heed to the call of the SILG [Secretary of Interior and Local Government]” to resign.

Over 900 generals and colonels were urged to take up the slack and submit their respective resignations following Azurin. 

He said that the concerned general and colonels of the police force have until January 31 to submit their resignation, while for those who won’t be filing their courtesy resignation, “mechanisms” will be put in place, according to the PNP chief. 

He did not provide any specific details regarding the mechanisms to be done but said the assessment and evaluation of the troubled PNP personnel would be handled by a five-member team that is independent of both PNP and DILG.

According to Azurin,  the PNP would begin the process of reorganizing its units that are on the frontlines of the anti-drug operation. This restructuring include the PNP’s Internal Affairs Service, Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group, and the PNP Drug Enforcement Group.


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Banner Photo Credit: PNP



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