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Bran Reluao, CEO & President

Wella Ricafrente, Deputy Operations Officer

Henrick Chiu, Chief Future Officer

Anthony Cyrel Sia, Finance Officer

Andrea Kyle Binuya, Human Resource & Administrative Associate

Board of Advisors

Eddie Francis Cesar Plaza, Business and Product Development Consultant
Mark Ivan Leo Ricafrente,  Finance and Accounting Consultant
Atty. Fidel Esteban, Human Resource Consultant

Editorial Team

Francis Earl Cueto, Senior Deputy Editor
Leila Salaverria, Senior Deputy Editor
Carl Santos, Senior Deputy Editor 

Writers and Reporters

Joanna Belle Deala, Junior Reporter
Bryan Gadingan, Junior Reporter
Gabrielle Agbulos, Junior Reporter
Deanna Lorraine Macaranas, Contributor Writer
Ryan Baldemor, Photojournalist

Digital Platform Team

Imelda Evangelista, Platform Manager
Lei Jolene Yabut, Platform Manager
Maria Leonora Roja, SEO Copywriter

Creative Team

Sven Gaffud, Creative Director
Aya Malasig, Creative Lead
John Dale Lacdao, Multimedia Artist

Production Team

Alexis Jacqueline Guevara, Production Lead
Enzo Amor, Correspondent
Bryan Ponge, Junior Producer
Josh Ramos, Production Specialist
John Lester Calulo, Production Specialist
Felino Jr. Canapi, Production Specialist

Advertorial Team

Danica Rae Ulanday, Sales and Marketing Officer
Joshua Gerona, Multimedia Producer
Jadelyn Ann Isiderio, Multimedia Artist
John Gabriel Austin San Luis, Videographer/Editor

Web Technical Team

Ivan Josh Malimban, Web Manager


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