Zack Tabudlo songs you’ll most likely come across on TikTok

by Joanna Deala

Good songs aren’t only discovered through radio, digital music services, or a friend’s recommendation. Nowadays, they learn about them through fan edits, song covers, and dance challenges that are making the rounds on social media platforms like TikTok.

In many instances, there is always a song that they keep hearing in almost every video they see on the platform. The next thing they know is that it has been stuck in their heads for days.

Some songs that netizens can’t seem to escape from are the works of 21-year-old singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo.

The OPM singer is one of the young Filipino artists who have been taking the world by storm. Just this May, Tabdulo made history by becoming the first-ever local artist to reach eight million listeners on Spotify.

Here are some of his songs that will surely tug at your heartstrings once you come across them on TikTok:

Give Me Your Forever

This 2021 song is part of his debut album, Episode, which contains 14 tracks that tell stories of how he became the person he is today. The album touches on dealing with heartbreak, anxiety, happiness, love, and life. 

Give Me Your Forever specifically talks about how a person can truly love someone and do anything they can for their loved one’s happiness. The song reached more than 100 million streams on Spotify last May.


You have probably seen a lot of TikTok users who have been dancing to this bop song that is a mix of pop, hip-hop, and R&B.

Released in May 2023, Gusto is Tabudlo’s first collaborative song with Filipino rapper AI James. Perhaps some people who have been loving a person from afar can relate to this song, which is about mustering up all your courage to confess your love to your special someone.


“Pano naman ako; Nahulog na sayo; Binitawan mo lang ba talaga ako.’’

That’s how Pano attacked people who had fallen for someone, but that person wasn’t willing to catch them.

Released in 2021, Pano remained on Spotify’s Top 50 – Philippines for 334 days, breaking the music service’s 2022 record for being the longest track to stay at the top spot. It also entered Malaysia’s Daily Top 50 Charts on Spotify.

Habang Buhay

Tabudlo translated the bliss of a long-lasting real love into this heartwarming song.

Featuring YouTube stars Cong Velasquez and Viy Cortez, the music video for the song shows the real-life couple enjoying a variety of activities together at home, such as playing games, doing laundry, and baking. 

Habang Buhay was the sixth single that Tabudlo released in 2021.

Asan Ka Na Ba

Asan Ka Na Ba is a song that Tabudlo dedicates to all single people out there. 

The song is about a person who feels lonely whenever they see people around them who are in love. It makes them wonder when the right person will appear in their lives, hence the first lines of the song, “Bakit lagi na lang ba ako mag-isa? Aasa na lang ba ako sa pantasya?”

Asan Ka Na Ba was released in 2022. Many single netizens said that it became their anthem.


This 2022 song is about “the very familiar experience of admitting one’s affection for someone else.” Tabudlo explained in a TikTok video that he wanted Yakap to feel different and that it would leave the listeners pondering about it.

“I wanted to have this kind of nostalgic feel in terms of sonically, how it sounds, and how it kind of feels familiar,” Tabudlo said.

Yakap is the singer-songwriter’s first official single under Republic Records Philippines.



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